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Red Car Analytics is seeking a talented high performance building energy consultant to join our growing team who are passionate about decarbonizing buildings. The position includes consulting on low energy buildings to research strategies and technologies able to scale how buildings are built and designed. The position involves building advanced energy modeling and data analytics, combining energy modeling software models such as VE-IES and EnergyPlus with data analytics from large commercial buildings.
We are skilled engineers seeking passionate individuals who want to learn about low energy HVAC and how advanced building systems actually work such as radiant cooling and dedicated outside air systems. We are seeking someone with enthusiasm for what they do and a commitment to growing with our company. The position includes opportunities to learn new skills and knowledge and be innovative.


  1. Collaborate with interdisciplinary client teams and demonstrate credibility to give teams confidence to make better decisions based on objective data and real-world insights.
  2. Lead technical research projects related energy Codes & Standards, Utility field studies, and utility commercial incentive program development.
  3. Utilize energy simulation software for building optimization and analysis such as OpenStudio, VE-IES, EnergyPlus (including Python programming experience if any).
  4. Leverage data analytics platforms like Tableau to understand, visualize, and educate clients about building design and operations insights.
  5. Apply in-depth understanding of advanced commercial HVAC systems to evaluate options, simulate performance, analyze results, develop recommendations, prepare financial analyses, and present to clients.
  6. Maintain leading-edge knowledge of best sustainability practices by influential designers and engineers and bring appropriate opportunities to projects.
  7. Interpret and apply code and program requirements for Title 24, CALGreen, IECC, building codes, LEED, Zero Energy, ASHRAE standards, incentives programs, and other relevant building and energy standards.
  8. Create field-monitoring plans and sensor deployment plans for building systems.
  9. Review building design plans, documentation, and contractor submittals for alignment with final energy models.
  10. Prepare logically organized, technically accurate, and clearly presented emails and reports.
  11. Be an effective project manager, acting as a main point of contact for clients, tracking schedules and deliverables, and producing or delegating as needed to get the work done.
  12. Leverage other team members' expertise or knowledge when needed; understand when to ask for help.
  13. Outline work plans prior to starting work, maintain logically organized and labeled files, and adequately document decisions or activities.
  14. Provide regular status updates or reports in web-based project tracking system and review progress with team.
  15. Understand contract work scopes, work within budgets, and meet billable targets.
  16. Establish thought leadership by writing blog posts, delivering presentations, being active in outside organizations, and educating and engaging with the greater community.
  17. Do what needs to be done that may fall outside your formalized job role.

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