Job openings in Modelica-based tool development and in MPC for building energy systems in Berkeley, CA

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Berkeley Lab’s Simulation Research Group has multiple job openings for modeling and tool development for building and district energy systems, and for MPC.

Scientific Engineering Associate and Post-Doctoral Fellow with Focus on Modelica and Energy System Modeling
We are looking for researchers with a strong background in software and in thermofluid flow systems and controls, who enjoy combining modern computing technologies for modeling and simulation of HVAC and control systems, integrating these technologies in large software packages, and working with teams that deploy them to the building industry.
You will conduct research, develop, and deploy new generation computing tools for building design and operation based on the Modelica and FMI standards. Research will be for the Modelica Buildings Library in support of Spawn of EnergyPlus and OpenBuildingControl.
You will participate in projects such as the Modelica Buildings LibrarySpawn of EnergyPlusOpenBuildingControl and the IBPSA Project 1.
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Post-Doctoral Fellow with Focus on MPC
We are also looking for a talented researcher familiar with HVAC systems and theories in optimization, control, and machine learning in addition to the use of available software. This position will conduct research and develop, implement, and evaluate MPC tools (Modelica-, FMI- and Python-based) for building HVAC and district energy systems.

  • Post-Doctoral Fellow. As this post-doctoral position is in the same team as the one above, we suggest you only apply to the one that best matches your interests.

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