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Transsolar KlimaEngineering is an international climate engineering firm advising architects and clients on energy and climate design for construction projects of all scales all over the world. We are involved in projects ranging from small schools in developing countries to stadia or entire cities. This diverse work shares a common focus on creating exceptional, highly comfortable indoor and outdoor spaces with a positive environmental impact.
For more information about Transsolar and our international portfolio of high-impact projects, please visit our website at
We are seeking a talented, highly motivated engineer for our New York office with 2-3 years of experience in design of mechanical (HVAC) systems who is interested in shifting into integrated design and climate engineering.
Life at Transsolar
We work as teams in an engineering studio environment. Daily work is diverse, and your responsibilities will vary and grow according to your interest and experience (and from project to project), but typically include:
•  Development of climate and energy concepts in response to local climate, site, architectural, and programmatic requirements, including mechanical design concepts and key performance requirements for mechanical design concepts
•  Testing and validation of concepts, including comfort and energy analysis, via thermal simulation (TRNSYS)
•  Review of project design documentation, especially architectural and mechanical drawings and specifications, to ensure successful realization of the climate concepts
•  Engineering analysis and tool development via hand calculation, spreadsheet analysis, and contemporary scripting tools (such as Python, Javascript, or Grasshopper)
•  Internal coordination with other team members, synthesis, and communication of overall analysis results and design recommendations
•  Graphical representation of climate concepts and complex engineering analysis
•  Writing reports and correspondence
•  Participation in meetings and design charettes
•  Collaboration with German Transsolar offices
•  Domestic and international travel to project meetings and sites
•  Public speaking and development of your professional network to broaden Transsolar’s reach
What are we looking for?
We’re looking for a team member with these qualifications and experience – but we don’t expect you’ll have all of them.
•  Engineering or applied science education related to building energy flows and building science: heat transfer, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, indoor and outdoor human comfort, etc.. An M.S. is preferred.
•  Ability to develop and articulate engineering problems beginning with fundamental physics and use both analytical and computational methods to analyze unique and complex building physics and building systems
•  Passion and creative energy required to collaborate with world-class architectural design teams
•  2-3 years of experience in commercial HVAC system design
•  Experience with conventional whole-building energy simulation and ASHRAE 90.1 baseline modeling
•  Education/professional experience with current and advanced architectural technologies (e.g. building envelope)
•  Experience with physical testing of engineering systems: system construction, instrumentation and measurement, etc.
•  Experience collaborating and communicating in the early stages of an architectural design process with both technical and non-technical audiences
•  Excellent oral and written communication skills
Prior experience with TRNSYS is not required.
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Interested applicants may submit their resume and cover letter via email to

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